Electronic Musician 2007 Editors Choice
SynthMaker VST
Kyma X
Korg Oasys PCI

I studied Music Theory and Composition at the Utrecht Conservatory. After that I worked for the Dutch graphic designer Jaap Drupsteen and the Dutch painter/performance artist Moniek Toebosch. Also I created a leader for the International Rotterdam Film Festival. Today I live and work in Amsterdam.

You could say these are adventures in a whole new category of music creation. In my music I do not use sampling technology. Instead I mainly use computer simulations of acoustic instruments (so-called ‘physical models’) which I've been developing over the last four years. This method offers tremendous freedom in performance technique - it's like playing the real thing. And the resulting sounds tend to have richer, more lifelike organic textures than are possible with traditional synthesis or sampling.

MonoTones (Violin, Conga's, Piano, 2 Marimba's, Bamboo Chimes, Bass Sax, Strucked String). [3'43"]
March-Land (Shakuhashi, Bass Sax, Drums, (Bowed) Gong, SynthSound). [1'20"]
SlowMotion (Violin and other Bowed Acoustic Structures). [2'07"]
1001 (Arabic Flute (overblowing), Sitar). [2'00"]
Shades (Bass Trumpet, SeaSounds, SynthSounds). [1'57"]
NightWalk (Tenor Sax, Plucked Bass, Glassy Percussion). [1'10"]
Ritual (Tibetan Bowls, Bamboo Chimes, Metal Chimes, Large Drums, Strucked Glass, Gamelan-like, Bowed Gong, Bowed Bamboo, Cello, violin). [1'41"]
Halloween Reloaded (Huge Bell, SynthSound, Violin, Strucked Symphatic Strings, Scraped Sounds). [2'02"]
Saxophonia (Soprano Sax, Bass sax, 2 Tenor Saxes). [3'11"]
Weird Only (Bariton Voice, Cello, SoundParticles, Idiot Choir, Bariton Sax). [1'06"]
Percussionata (Morphing Percussion). [2'13"]
Voices from Beneath (Frighting Sounds...). [2'31"]
In(ter)ventions (Hysterical Bariton Sax, something in between Gong and Ondes Martinot). [2'19"]
Broken Glasses (Slow bowed non-vibrato Cello, Harp). [1'40"]